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Welcome to Benicia Business Works!

We are your local source for professional services.

BBW Takes Part in Benicia Classic Car Show for 4th Year
Once again Benicia Business Works members participated in the annual Classic Car Show, April 24, 2016 to introduce BBW to the public and share its many benefits while supporting the Benicia High School Band. Read more...
BBW members having a good time at the annual Christmas Party
Started by Tyler Potter, most members have been part of this leads exchange group since day one! The group meets once a month to exchange leads, fellowship, business development and the goal of keeping business local for the benefit of the community. Read more...
BBW Supports Benicia High School Band Booster Again
Benicia Business Works members having a good time once again at the annual Classic Car Show in Benicia on Sunday April 24, 2015. Read more...
BBW members having a good time at the annual Christmas Party
Every year the members of Benicia Business Works get together to celebrate Christmas and another year of sharing and referring business to each other.
BBW hosting Benicia Chamber of Commerce "After Hours Mixer”
November 20, 2014, Benicia Business Works hosted the monthly Benicia Chamber of Commerce Business after hour event at North Bay Water Services. Like in previous years, the event was hugely successful in introducing and connecting local businesses to Chamber Members and the public at large.
BBW members volunteering at Loma Vista Farm
BBW members, as part of their annual community outreach effort, helped Loma Vista Farm get ready for their annual Harvest Festival and Anniversary Celebration. This year's Harvest Festival also marks the Farm's 40th anniversary. Read more…

5 Reasons Why Networking is Crucial to Your Business

For any small business owner networking is a critical component to business development and personal growth. Building a successful business takes a lot of time, energy and focus. Small business is all about networking, building relationships and taking action, and its growth is dependant upon having a good network of associates and friends that feel comfortable referring business to you.

But that’s not the only benefit of networking. In fact that’s only the beginning. 

1. Top of Mind Awareness
People like to do business with who they know and trust. Being visible and getting noticed is a big benefit of networking. By regularly attending business and social events, people will begin to remember you. This can you help to build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person by offering useful information or tips to people who need it.

2. Opportunities
Networking will result in more opportunities, manifesting more leads and referrals. It is important to be prepared and ready to seize opportunities when they come along. And remember, it’s not just a one-way street. If someone in your network matches a business you encounter at an event, don’t hesitate to share their details. It will strengthen your relationship within the group.

3. Valuable Connections
As a member of a networking group you are not just gaining exposure to the people in the room you are building connections with their network too. If someone they know has a need that matches your business they will refer you, provided you have made an impression,.

4. Shared Knowledge
Networking is great for sharing ideas, knowledge and feed-back. It is very likely that within a group there will be those who have already been where you are today. This provides you with an opportunity to learn and avoid some of the common pitfalls they have experienced.

5. Increased Confidence
By regularly networking, and pushing yourself to talk to people you don’t know, it will help increase your confidence. This is an important attribute as a business owner, because your business growth is dependent on talking to people and making connections.